LEVEL Velo Jersey Design Contest: Your Design, Our Jersey!

Unlock your creativity and leave a lasting mark on the cycling community with the LEVEL Velo Jersey Design Contest. We invite members of our vibrant Zwift community to showcase their artistic flair by crafting the next iconic cycling jersey.

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How It Works:

  1. Design Freedom: Express your unique style! Members can submit their jersey designs in any format they prefer. From bold graphics to intricate details, let your imagination run wild.

  2. Top 3 Selection: Our expert panel will carefully review all entries and select the top three designs. These finalists will not only receive recognition for their creativity but also move on to the community voting phase.

  3. Community Vote: It's your time to shine! We'll present the final three designs to the community for a vote. Rally your fellow cyclists to support your favorite design.


What's at Stake:

  1. Jersey Production: The winning design has the chance to become an official LEVEL Velo cycling jersey! Imagine riding alongside your cycling mates, all sporting a jersey you brought to life.

  2. Featured on our Webstore: The winning design will be showcased on our webstore, allowing cycling enthusiasts worldwide to don your creation.

  3. Prizes and Recognition: Beyond the honor of having your design produced, the winner will receive exciting prizes and well-deserved recognition from the LEVEL Velo community.

How to Enter:

  1. Submit Your Design: Send us your masterpiece in any format – we accept them all! Just ensure it reflects your cycling spirit and aligns with the LEVEL Velo brand. 

Send your design to: Simon@levelvelo.cc

  1. Stay Tuned: Follow us on social media and keep an eye on our website for updates on the contest, including finalists, community voting, and winner announcements.

Let your creativity set the pace! Join the LEVEL Velo Jersey Design Contest today and be part of shaping the future of cycling style.