About Us

We are a small but passionate group of cyclists and racers who enjoy every aspect of cycling. We love nothing more than mixing up our rides either on real life roads and trails or in the virtual E-sports world.

For us cycling gives us a sense of freedom, a sense of satisfaction and ultimately it makes us happy people, and that's our goal, we want to help put a smile on the face of every employee, every customer and partner who is on this journey with us. We hope you come with us and share our sense of fun and adventure. We want you to share your ideas with, share your stories and ours and ultimately enjoy riding our bikes together.

We race across platforms such as Zwift, RGT, MyWoosh and other E-Racing platforms. We started Level Velo as the first brand solely focused on E-Racing riders.

We needed shorts and jersey's which met the specific demands of riding on our smart trainers indoors and the usual road gear just did not make the grade. We search the best materials with the properties required to keep our bodies cool during intense races.

We believe we found those materials and setup about designing the kit. At Level Velo we continue to develop the products gaining feedback from the Elite teams and riders we work with.

If you have feedback or an idea you want to share reach out to us and share our joint passions for all things cycling.

Ride Strong

Si Bradeley (founder)