Press Release 2022 - LEVEL Velo Launch first dedicated Indoor clothing brand

Press release:

Date: 1st September 2022

Contact: Si Bradeley,

For Immediate Release

World’s first dedicated indoor cycling clothing brand

New brand LEVEL Velo launches the world's first clothing brand developed specifically for the indoor eracer and virtual cyclist.

Staffordshire, UK, 1st September 2022, Today LEVEL Velo Ltd launched the world’s first clothing products brand developed explicitly for the eracing and virtual cycling community. The brand created by former Guinness World Record holder, YouTuber, and eracer Si Bradeley will deliver high-performance apparel and clothing to thousands of virtual racers competing on platforms such as Zwift, RGT, and MyWoosh every week.

Si Bradeley says, “The indoor racing community has grown significantly over the last few years, and the demands of our virtual sport are so unique in terms of the intensity and heat generation that traditional cycling clothing just does not optimise performance for the indoor rider. With this in mind, we developed a wide variety of products in our “LEVEL51" range." 

The LEVEL Velo team worked with top-level elite eracers to develop this unique range featuring ultra-breathable, fast-wicking materials to release excess body heat and aid faster cooling. We also used specific designs and developed new jersey templates to ensure that the indoor jerseys and shorts offer the ultimate in performance, longevity, and value.

LEVEL Velo is much more than just high-end performance. The brand also offers the unique feature of customising indoor garments for your virtual racing club or teammates. Alongside the LEVEL51 core collection, the brand offers the eracing community an opportunity to manufacture their virtual racing kit in real-life using our customisation portal.

Si Says, “Just like traditional cycling clubs and their riders, eracers want to support their virtual teams. We offer esports clubs of any size the opportunity to have their club kit produced with no fuss through our transparent customisation service. Our team will guide club managers through the process of transforming their virtual kit into a real-life garment."

LEVEL Velo also supports the Virtual sports community by offering sponsorship to innovative teams across all platforms.

Creator Si Bradeley highlights that ”LEVEL Velo is proud to sponsor one of the Zwift racing platform's most exciting teams. BL13 has been an innovator over the last few years with some of the best team performances and tactical masterclasses in esports history. 

One of BL13s more famous achievements was when they took the top 5 places in one of in the infamous Legions of LA Crit series events in 2021, when the team launched a six-man attack with 4km to go with five teammates working together to stay away from the fast approaching peloton and Legion of LA megastars. 

Video link here:

We are incredibly proud to support the BL13 team and its riders during the 2022/23 virtual season and hope to play an integral part in their continued progress to the top of the esports rankings."

Daz Carter of BL13 says, “We are really pleased to have LEVEL Velo as our key partner

for the upcoming indoor racing season. Being able to move away from the more traditional

outdoor kit and switch to something more technical and specific to the sweaty demands of

indoor racing will make indoor racing much more comfortable and have a positive impact on

our race performances. The Elite Pro LEVEL51 jersey is the most breathable jersey I have


Si and the Team at LEVEL Velo have guided us through transforming our virtual ‘sunshine’

team kit, which features on the Zwift platform, into real-life kit that we can use both indoors

and outdoors. Some of our top riders are now featured on sports broadcasts whilst

competing, so being able to showcase a real-life kit that matches our virtual kit is awesome.”


Si Bradeley: Si is a former Guinness World Record holder who cycled on an indoor bike for 58 hours nonstop. He continues to race outdoors on the road and spends the summer months training and competing on streets across the UK.

Si is a prominent YouTuber in the Zwift community, offering route recons and tactical race insights via his YouTube channel.

Si Says, “I have been racing road and track since I was a teenager, and in 2017 I began racing virtually on the Zwift platform. Due to the demands of work and family life, I spent more time training and racing indoors in my pain cave. 

Two important factors played a part in developing this brand. First, my traditional cycling clothing did not use suitable materials. The back of the jersey would feature fast-wicking breathable fabrics, but the arms and chest used materials that retained sweat and were simply unsuitable for indoor use. 

Secondly, the amount of sweat produced when riding indoors causes traditional jerseys to degrade quicker, and they have aspects not needed indoors. We worked from the ground up to develop these indoor-specific jerseys and shorts to reduce unnecessary elements and design the ultimate indoor kit.”