Underground Super Series 2022

Underground Racing Series

Super Series 2022 Finalists:

What is Underground Racing:

Underground Super Series is a Elite level E-Racing series reserved for the top 50 ranking teams according to Zwift Power, the series is run annually with group qualifiers progressing to the world finals which are typically held in November/December.

These events are invite only with a maximum of 6 teams per group/race, each team requires a maximum of 6 riders with the first 5 riders from each team scoring finish line points. Having a maximum number of 36 riders per race helps to ensure the racing is exciting and dynamic and avoid the dreaded mass blob draft style racing which ultimately typically ends up in a big mass sprint. Teams are encouraged to race aggressively and make the events exciting.

Additional points can be awarded for most combative riders per event.

Qualification for Underground Racing:

In order to qualify for this elite series teams must be in the top 50 teams as listed in ZwiftPower team rankings for your category (organiser discretion is in place for new teams). All riders should have good quality racing history visible via ZwiftPower, and dual recording is essential to avoid undue scrutiny and questionable data and ultimately disqualification.

Heart Rate Monitor use is essential to race and Dual recording power is also advised.

Applications to join UNDERGROUND Racing should be made via simon@levelvelo.cc

Courses and Events: Series 2

Team managers can make 2 course nominations per year. Courses for the 1st series are all under 20km and each with a unique feature which will challenge teams and riders in different ways.

Events are held on the 3rd Friday of every month and will build towards an annual Super Underground Series championship battle.

Underground Racing series 2


Underground Elite Finals

Course: Rooftops and Railways

Date: Friday 16th December 2022

Prize fund:

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