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Overseas Shipping &Duty


Please note that LEVEL Velo Ltd are not responsible for any additional taxes or duties paid when shipping products to customers outside of the UK. When purchasing from outside of the UK VAT is not applied to your purchase and you may be liable based on your local VAT rates.

Duty could also be applicable depending on the value of the total order.

Pre Ordering

Please be aware any custom or team order will take approx 4-6 weeks for manufacture. As soon as the items are complete we will ship direct to each member directly.

The Endurance Sport portal will close Mid August 2023 when manufacturing will commence.

About Alex Coh

Introducing the Alex Coh Collection: Elevate Your Cycling Performance with Expert Collaboration

Experience the fusion of cutting-edge design and unmatched expertise with the Alex Coh Collection, a cycling clothing line crafted in collaboration with renowned cycling coach and bikefitting specialist, Alex Coh.

Unparalleled Coaching Insight:
Backed by nearly 22 years of endurance sports experience, Alex Coh's journey into coaching began with a profound realization - the need for personalized training plans that go beyond standardized presets. Fueled by a passion for delivering exceptional coaching, Alex's expertise caters to individuals of all fitness levels, from beginners to elite World Tour cyclists.

Revolutionary Bikefitting Expertise:
The Alex Coh Collection extends beyond clothing to incorporate revolutionary bikefitting techniques that address muscle imbalances and optimize biomechanical efficiency. Alex's personal triumph over a life-threatening accident and subsequent struggles with conventional bikefitting methods led to a transformative approach rooted in comprehensive medical knowledge and brain-function understanding.

Empowering Your Cycling Journey:
Every garment in the Alex Coh Collection is meticulously designed to enhance on-bike comfort and performance. Benefit from specialized insights that maximize information flow in the body, correct imbalances, and unlock the true potential of your riding posture. We believe that no two individuals are the same, and our collection reflects this ethos by offering tailored solutions to elevate your cycling experience.

Money-Back Guarantee:
Committed to delivering results and your utmost satisfaction, Alex Coh offers a money-back guarantee to all clients. This unwavering dedication ensures that you receive tangible outcomes and a position on the bike that caters to your unique needs.

Join the Coh Racing Community:
Step into the world of Coh Racing and embrace a new era of cycling excellence. Whether you're a recreational rider or an aspiring competitor, the Alex Coh Collection empowers you to reach new heights in your cycling journey.

Explore the Collection:
Visit our website to explore the Alex Coh Collection and experience the union of visionary design and world-class expertise. Elevate your cycling performance with clothing that complements your potential, and embrace a transformative ride like never before.