LEVEL Racing Esports

Bike Loving People

Members - 131          Teams - 9           Events Raced - 2200          Victories - 101

Our Team Story

The Team was launched in 2019 under our previous sponsor title and started out of a local IRL cycling team. Very quickly we started to attract team mates from all over the world given our fun yet passionate racing style. We wanted our riders to compete at a high level and work hard but most importantly we want our members and friends to have fun and enjoyed the shared experience that is virtual cycling.

Our team now spans many borders and countries and ha over 130 active members.

Over the last 3 years we have made many friendships, drank many virtual beers together and of course shared many an intense race chat over our teams discord.

Liz Van Houweling the worlds NO:1 female Esports racer is one of our early members and still wears the LEVEL Racing team kit in the ZRL season when her commitments allow.

Our team is also home of founding member Si Bradeley - (youtube) www.youtube.com/sibradeley.





Our in-game kit on the Zwift platform should be ready for launch early 2023. You can of course by the in real life replica kit via www.levelvelo.cc


If you wish to become a member of the LEVEL Racing Esports Alliance please feel free to reach out using the details below or by visiting our facebook pages:



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